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Separate Yourself From The Rest Of The Field With Dugi’s Ultimate WOW Guide

There is no question that World of Warcraft was created to provide gamers and users of all ages with an unforgettable journey and challenge. There are few games that compare to the degree of difficulty and entertainment you can experience with WOW. While it can be difficult to fight through each of the numerous levels, Dugi’s Ultimate WOW Guide will provide you with all of the tips, tricks and information you need to advance from beginning to end.

There are three facets of this package you will be able to take advantage of after purchasing the Ultimate WOW Guide. The first feature is the Ultimate Leveling and Class Guide. This alone is enough to satisfy the everyday gamer. You will receive access to the Alliance 1-80 in-game leveling guide, the online and printable leveling guide, and the old version to help you through the game.

In addition to the Alliance leveling guide options, there is also the Horde leveling guide for levels 1-80. As with the Alliance leveling guides, you can choose from the in-game option, online and printable versions, or the old version. Lastly, you can also read up on how you can use these leveling guides and how you can power level in one day.

As far as the class part of this guide goes, there is a tremendous amount of information for you to enjoy with class gear, talent guides and instance strategies. There are links for you to view all of the levels you need help with including the Rogue level, Hunter level and Druid level.

The next part of Dugi’s Ultimate WOW guide is the Ultimate Gold and Profession Guide. This part of the package will help you learn how to select quest rewards for gold in all of the levels, provide you with auction house strategies, gold farming tips for levels 30, 40 and 60, and give you the top farming spots to help you increase your gold. The Profession Guide informs you with everything you need to know with blacksmithing, cooking, enchanting tailoring and any other profession available in the game.

The last facet to help you get through World of Warcraft in a breeze is the Ultimate PVP strategies. This section of Dugi’s Ultimate WOW Guide gives you talent specs, guides, and strategies for numerous levels in the game. Some of the levels you will find include Druid, Priest, Rogue, and Shaman.

If you are looking for assistance to help you find everything there is to take advantage of with World of Warcraft, Dugi’s Ultimate WOW Guide is your solution. You will find tips, tricks, guides and strategies to everything imaginable with this enchanting and thrilling internet game.

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